Dirk S. Grossmann

People's Republic of China

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Beijing     Beijing
The Chinese capital with the Forbidden City and the Great Wall
       Shanghai     Shanghai
with the water village Tongli
Xi'an   Xi'an
The first capital of the empire with the Terracotta Army of China's first emperor
  Guilin   Guilin
Hiking in the karst countryside betwwen Guilin to Yangshuo
Cruising Yangtse   Yangtse
Cruising the Three Gorges
  Hong Kong   Hong Kong
with Macau
Li Jiang River near Guilin
Li Jiang River near Guilin
Beijing Jinshanling Great Wall Xi'an Begin of the Yangtse Cruise at Chongqing End of the Yangtse Cruise at Yichang Yangtse Cruise Shanghai Guilin Hong Kong Macau
Our route in China
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