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República de Cuba

The Cuban archipelago is situated in the westernmost part of the insular Caribbean, at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba is a long narrow island that is the largest of the West Indies and reaches 1,200 km in length. Its widest section covers 210 kilometers, and narrowest 32 kilometers.

Cuba Libre, La Habana
Cuba Libre, La Habana
La Habana     La Habana
La Habana's Fortresses,
Habana Vieja, Habana Vedado
       Sancti Spíritus   Sancti Spíritus
La Habana to Cárdenas   La Habana to Cárdenas        Camagüey   Camagüey
Cienfuegos   Cienfuegos        Sierra Maestra   Sierra Maestra
Trinidad   Trinidad        Santiago de Cuba   Santiago de Cuba
Valle de los Ingenios   Valle de los Ingenios        Valle de Viñales   Valle de Viñales
La Habana La Habana to Cárdenas Cienfuegos Trinidad Valle de los Ingenios Sancti Spíritus Camagüey Sierra Maestra Santiago de Cuba Valle de Viñales Cannon on Castillo Morro
Our route in Cuba
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