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>Dirk at the Sinhagad Fort
Dirk at the Sinhagad Fort, India 2016

Around Pune


Forts and ancient Buddhist caves around the "hill station" Lonavala that is situated ca. 65 km northwest of Pune.

        Sinhagad Fort

One of Maharaj Shivaji's forts near Pune.

        Khandoba Temple

This temple at Jejuri is one of the most impressing in Maharashtra.

        Raigad Fort

This fort was Maharaj Shivaji first capital of the Maratha Empire.

        Torna Fort

This fort can only be reached by hiking a small path starting at the southern part of Velhe.

        Konkan Coast

The Indian Ocean coast ca. 200 km away from Pune that can be reached with a four hour's drive.

Panorama near Nive, India 2016
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