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Mirza Galib Road
Mirza Galib Road, Pune 2015


The booming industrial town not far from Mumbai. Pune has a historical heritage as it was the capital of Maharaj Shivaji Bhonsle, the creator of the Maratha Empire.

        Kalyani Nagar

In this quarter, I lived for almost 6 months.

        Koregaon Park
        Vinvak Nagar

This fort is the emblem of the town Pune and marks its center.

        Old Town

Directly south of the Shaniwarwada Fort the old town begins. In the narrow lanes full of shops and street bazaars, we find some original "Wada" houses.


Besides the Empress Botanical Gardens, there is St. Patrick's church.

        Vetal Tekdi

A hill in the western part of Pune covered with dry forest, where you can escape the noise of downtown.

        Parvati Temple

Located on Parvati Hill at the southern end of the town. Especially from the temple roof, you can overlook the whole area of Pune.

Panorama of Pune from the Parvati Temple, Pune 2015
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