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Climbing Auyan-Tepui
Climbing Auyan-Tepui

To the Summit of the Table Mountain Auyan-Tepui

The trekking tour to the top of the table mountain Auyan-Tepui took one week: two and a half days for going up, two days on the summit plateau, and two and a half days for going down.

        In the Gran Sabana

The village Kavak in the Gran Sabana at the foot of Auyan-Tepui was the starting point of our treck. As the elevation of the table mountain's summit is ca. 2400m, we had to climb 2000m to reach the summit.

        First Slope

On the southern side, Auyan-Tepui's slope – i. e. from the savannah to the wall base – is interrupted by two relatively flat areas (here referred to as "levels"). The first slope ascends ca. 600m to the first level – Guayaraca.

        Guayaraca Level

We reached the first level (elevation ca. 1000m) in the afternoon of the first day. The path firstly follows the rim with views to the savannah. Then it bends inwards to the Guayaraca camp.

        Second Slope

On the second day, we asended the second slope through dense rain forest to the second level – Danto – which we reached at noon.

        Danto Level

The path crosses Danto level (elevation ca. 1500m), offering views to the wall.

        To the Camp El Peñon

Ascending the third slope.

        Camp El Peñon

Camping under a slanted rock (elevation 1850m).

        To the Summit

On the third day, we went from El Peñon to the wall base (elevation ca. 2000m), ascended the wall in a gorge, and eventually reached the summit plateau.

        Summit Plateau

On the summit plateau of the table mountain Auyan-Tepui.

Crossing a Creek
Crossing a Creek
    Asending the Slope Below Danto
Asending the Slope Below Danto
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