Dirk S. Grossmann

France 2013

Château de Blois
Château de Blois

Along the Way in France


Castles at the River Loire

Metz     Metz
In the capital of the département Lorraine (Lothringen)
        Blois     Blois
Starting point of our visit of the castles at the River Loire
Auxerre   Auxerre
with the Abbaye de Fontenay
        Tours     Tours
L'Épine   L'Épine
Visiting the cathedral
        Doué-la-Fontaine     Doué-la-Fontaine
Reims   Reims
The city of the former French coronations
        Angers     Angers
The most westerly point of our trip
Paris   Paris
Two days in the capital of France
Panorama of Montrichard from the Château

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