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Nouvelle-Calédonie (engl. New Caledonia) is an island group ca. 1500 km off the northeast coast of Australia. Mountains run the entire length of the main island Grande Terre. On the western side the land is relatively flat, while the east coast is more mountainous. The capital of the territory associated with France is Nouméa. About 50 km southeastwards lies Île des Pins (Kunyie). The Îles Loyauté (Loyalty Islands) are east of Grande Terre, the main islands being Ouvéa, Lifou, and Maré.

Main Island – Grande Terre


Smaller Islands

Nouméa     Nouméa
The capital and largest city of New Caledonia
        Île des Pins     Île des Pins
Southeast of Grande Terre and within the barrier reef around New Caledonia
La Foa   La Foa
with the ruin of the fort Paris communards were imprisoned in
        Lifou   Lifou
One of the Loyality Islands
Bourail   Bourail
With the Bonhomme rock
La Bonhomme at La Roche Percée, Grande Terre.
Grottes d' Adio   Grottes d' Adio
Koné and Inland   Koné and Inland
In the mountains running along the island
East Coast   East Coast

Nouméa La Foa Bourail Grottes d' Adio Koné and Inland East Coast Île des Pins Lifou Cairns (Australia 2002) Brisbane (Australia 2002) Sydney (Australia 2002)
Our route in New Caledonia (topographic map by Eric Gaba)
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