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In the Rainforest
In the Rainforest

West Papua New Guinea (Indonesia)

Irian Jaya (West Papua New Guinea) is the Indonesian part of the island New Guinea. Irian Jaya belongs to Indonesia since 1963. Today, there is a fight for independence with little likelihood of success. While the main cities like Jayapura (the province capital), Wamena and Timika are dominated by Indonesians, in the distant areas the native inhabitants live relatively undisturbed. At our visit in the village Suroba near Wamena, we were assimilated as family members into the Dhani tribe.

Jayapura     Jayapura
The capital of West Papua New Guinea
Wamena   Wamena
The province capital in the highlands
Highland Trekking   Highland Trekking
Ibiroma, Ibiroma to Wuserem, Wuserem, Wesagaleb, and Tangma
Rainforest Trek   Rainforest Trek
Two days through the primary rainforest
On the River Eilanden   On the River Eilanden
From the rainforest to the coast

Jayapura Wamena Wamena Ibiroma Ibiroma to Wuserem Wuserem Wesagaleb Tangma Rainforest Trek On the River Eilanden
Our route in West Papua New Guinea
Our tour to West Papua New Guinea in March 2000 has been organized and executed by Jalan-Jalan Travel, Magdeburg, Germany.
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